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What is Azure CLI? How to use?

Azure Command-Line Interface (Azure CLI) is a command-line tool used for managing Microsoft Azure, the cloud service platform by Microsoft. Azure CLI is employed to create, configure, manage, and monitor Azure resources. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Key features of Azure CLI include:
1. Cross-Platform Support: Azure CLI can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
2. Azure Resource Management: Azure CLI facilitates the management of resources supported by Azure Resource Manager (ARM). This encompasses virtual machines, storage accounts, networks, application services, and many other Azure resources.
3. Command-Line Interface: Azure CLI operates as a tool in the command line, making it suitable for automation and scripting tasks utilized by software developers and system administrators. ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

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Accessing Azure Blob Storage with Access Keys

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer: Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform integrates with a free tool known as Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. This tool is developed to simplify the management and exploration of data stored in the Azure cloud environment. Azure Storage Explorer provides users with a user-friendly interface to perform a range of tasks such as accessing data sources, viewing, uploading, downloading, editing, and deleting data.

The primary use cases of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer include: ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

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Effortlessly Manage and Keep Your Virtual Machines Up to Date with Azure Update Manager

Azure Update Manager is a service offered by Microsoft on the Azure cloud platform and allows you to centrally manage updates for operating systems such as Windows Server. This service is very useful for keeping your servers and virtual machines up to date, closing security gaps and ensuring compliance. With Azure Update Manager, you can do the following:

  1. Update Distribution: Azure Update Manager helps you automatically distribute updates to your servers and virtual machines. This ensures that your servers are current and secure.
  2. Compliance Checks: Azure Update Manager checks your servers for specific compliance requirements and reports non-compliance. This way you can meet compliance requirements.
  3. Scheduling and Planning: You can configure your update policies and schedules. You can set custom schedules to determine when and how updates will be applied.

We have some information about what Azure Update Manager does. Now let’s move on to the installation part. ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

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Disabling the Windows Firewall of the Virtual Machine via the Azure Portal

When you enable Windows Firewall, in some cases, you might lose Remote Desktop access to the virtual machine. In such situations, you can follow the steps outlined below in the Azure portal to make the Windows Firewall inactive and regain access:

 ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

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What is Azure Repos?

Azure Repos is a version control system that is part of Microsoft’s Azure DevOps service family. This service is used to manage source code in software development projects. Azure Repos supports team-based software development processes, providing developers with a platform to collaborate, track code changes, and manage version history.

Key features of Azure Repos include: ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯