On Writing: Pen and Computer in the Shadow of Technology

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“Söz uçar, yazı kalır.” This proverb is a piece of wisdom that emphasizes the importance and permanence of writing. As technology rapidly evolves and digitalization becomes increasingly prevalent in our lives, the role and function of writing are also undergoing transformation. So, what is the relationship between pen and computer in the shadow of this change?

Advantages of the Computer:

The computer offers many tools that facilitate and accelerate the writing process. Features such as spell checkers, grammar and word suggestions, and text editing options make writing more practical. Additionally, access to information is facilitated by internet connection, making research less time-consuming.

The Power of the Pen:

Despite all the advantages offered by the computer, the pen has its own unique power and impact. Writing by hand helps to organize thoughts more clearly and increases the emotional impact of words. In handwritten texts, the emotions and thoughts of the writer are felt in a more concrete and sincere way.

The Alliance of Technology and Writing:

The advancement of technology has allowed writing to go beyond just paper and become widespread on digital platforms. New media such as blogs, social media platforms, and e-books offer writers the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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The Enduring Power of Writing:

No matter how much computers and digital tools develop, the real power and value of writing lies in its permanence. Written texts are one of the most important tools for transmitting knowledge and experiences from the past, sharing ideas and thoughts.


In the shadow of technology, pen and computer represent different aspects of the writing act. The computer offers practicality and speed, while the pen stands out as a tool of emotion and sincerity. The important thing is to use the possibilities offered by both tools consciously to preserve the power and permanence of writing.

The Future of Writing:

With the advancement of technology and the emergence of new tools, the forms and functions of writing will continue to change. The important thing is to keep up with these changes without losing sight of the core values ​​and the main purpose of writing. Writing is not only important for transmitting information or sharing ideas, but also for expressing ourselves and understanding the world.

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