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Part II — Monitoring MSSQL on Windows Server: A Guide to Maximizing Database Performance

Continuing our guide, we will explore the process of setting up monitoring for Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) in your Windows Server environment. Monitoring your MSSQL instance is crucial for maintaining database performance, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring optimal operations.

Here’s how to perform this comprehensive monitoring:


  1. Enable SQL Server Agent: Activate the SQL Server Agent for interaction with external collectors such as Prometheus.
  2. Install Prometheus Windows Exporter: Download and install the Prometheus Windows Exporter from GitHub.
  3. Set Up Prometheus Scraper/Database: Install Prometheus on your monitoring server/computer and configure the scraper.
  4. Access Prometheus Server and Add Targets: Access the Prometheus server through a browser and add a new target.
  5. Query SQL Server Processes: Execute the necessary query to query SQL Server processes.
  6. Install Grafana and Connect to Prometheus: Install Grafana, connect it to the Prometheus server, and visualize the data.

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