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Installation of ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) on Windows Server

ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Stack) is a data analysis and visualization platform where ElasticsearchLogstash, and Kibana are brought together. These three open-source components are used collectively to gather, process, analyze, and visualize unstructured data. ELK Stack offers a powerful toolkit for organizations aiming to effectively work with large datasets.

Here are the fundamental components of ELK Stack: ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

Articles Windows Server

Installing IIS on Windows Server

You can install IIS (Internet Information Services) on Windows Server using Server Manager by following the steps below:

1. Server Preparation:
— Make sure you have Administrator privileges on your server if you are using a Windows Server operating system. ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

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What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and How to Install it?

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is the official tool used for Microsoft SQL Server database management and query operations. SSMS enables you to create, edit, back up, and execute data queries within databases. Additionally, you can configure security settings and monitor database performance in SQL Server.

The core functions of SSMS include:
1.Database Management: SSMS allows you to create, delete, rename, and edit SQL Server databases. It provides graphical interfaces and commands for managing your databases. ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯