On Writing: Pen and Computer in the Shadow of Technology

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“Söz uçar, yazı kalır.” This proverb is a piece of wisdom that emphasizes the importance and permanence of writing. As technology rapidly evolves and digitalization becomes increasingly prevalent in our lives, the role and function of writing are also undergoing transformation. So, what is the relationship between pen and computer in the shadow of this change?

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What is Azure Identity and Access Management (AIM)?

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With the proliferation of cloud computing, organizations need robust and secure solutions for identity and access management (IAM). Azure Identity and Access Management (AIM) is a platform that enables you to manage access and identities to your Azure resources. AIM unifies various Azure IAM services such as Azure RBAC, Azure AD, and Azure MFA into a single platform.Key Features of AIM:

  • Centralized identity management: AIM provides a single identity store for all your Azure resources.
  • Easy access management: AIM lets you easily manage access to Azure resources with Azure RBAC.
  • Enhanced security: AIM helps you protect your Azure resources from unauthorized access with Azure AD and Azure MFA.
  • Compliance: AIM helps you control access controls and meet compliance requirements.

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Detailed Review of Azure ARM

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is one of the cornerstones of Microsoft Azure and a powerful tool that simplifies infrastructure management. In this section, we will explore the functions, benefits and use cases of ARM in more detail. ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

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Remove Server Header on IIS for Web Security

Today, web security has become more important than ever. The Server header, which explicitly specifies the operating system and version of a web server, can be a valuable source of information for potential attackers. Therefore, if you are using IIS (Internet Information Services), it is a good security practice to remove the Server header.

Step 1: Open IIS Manager
As a first step, open IIS Manager. You can easily access it by typing “IIS Manager” from the Start menu. ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯

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Efficient Resource Management on IIS: Setting RAM Limits for Application Pools

Adding RAM limits to an application pool (App Pool) on an IIS (Internet Information Services) server is an important step to control and stabilize the server’s resources. IIS monitors and manages web applications through application pools. Here are the steps to add RAM limits to an application pool in IIS:

1.Open the IIS Administration Tool: ...  READ MORE ❯❯❯